The following resources tell you all about our mission, the consequences of global plastic waste and what you can do to make a difference

Plastic Free Resources

Our Plastic Free Diet sets out how to reduce plastic in your life:

Businesses across the world are reducing plastic waste. Find out why in this document:

Local Terracycle collectors will take those annoying pieces of plastic. The following guide shows you what they take. You can find local Terracycle collectors on our map:

For Businesses and Communities

Read the Business Toolkit to find out ways that other organisations have reduced their plastic waste:

Read the Community Toolkit to find out ways that other community groups, schools and local facilities have reduced their plastic waste:

Useful Links

Find out about what you can and cannot recycle in your weekly bin collection on Veolia’s website:

Find out about how your waste is recycled:

There are over 650 plastic free communities and you can read all about them here:

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